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    Home Stays in Kerala If you want to have a real feel of life, when travelling to the “God’s Own Country”, then you should find a decent home stay in Kerala. Home stay does not only provide you with a cheaper alternative to hotels, but it also gives you an opportunity to live with a Keralan family like an ordinary Keralite. This will give you a sense of how people in Kerala lives, what they eat, and how they conduct themselves, which you cannot get by looking out of any hotel’s window, no matter how many stars it has. Kerala home stay, because of its very nature of being light on the traveler’s pocket, provides an excellent opportunity for people who want to stay in the state for longer time. You will come to know about the culture, tradition, people, places, food, and living style of people in the state. This will add up to your experience and make stay in the state more enriching. Home stay in Kerala gives you a real pleasure. People here are so warm, welcoming, and courteous that, not just for saying, it actually will become your home away from your real home, where you will love that will pull you back time and again. Many tourists have found this affinity in the Keralan home, and when they leave they leave as a family member always wanting to stay in touch with people back home. Every city in Kerala from Munnar to Kovalam to Kottayam to Kozhikode to Kumarakom has well-furnished home stay facility. Despite its low cost, these facilities give you all the necessary amenities. In Kerala, you will get a home stay with modern accommodation facilities, homely hospitality, and eco-friendly and noiseless environment. The quality of Kerala home stay is such that you will not complain.